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    New RP server 2012 made by old SAMP RP veterans!



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    New RP server 2012 made by old SAMP RP veterans!

    Post  GBz on Thu May 31, 2012 8:51 am

    IP: server.gaming-plus.info.tm:777
    Website: ht tp :/ / gaming-plus .eu .org/
    Forums: ht tp: / / gaming-plus .eu .org/forum/index.php?sid=93c04cc1bf3a5564a99ad723a70c1ef3
    (Remove spaces please. Will be fixed soon)
    - Currently we don't do any refunds. We want a stable economy, and an enjoyable & fun roleplay. This includes administrators, they need to earn their money aswell.
    - At this time, no staff applications are open, but they will be open in very near future.
    - Our server (VPS) is located in the USA, so pings in the Europe might be slightly bigger than on other servers, but to be most honest, you really won't have any lag. Altough, we're thinking of moving to Europe.
    - Maybe soon we will be in need of developers. Contact HeronZG on the forums to find out.
    - Players who bring their friends will get small rewards.
    - Notice: This is a strict Roleplay community, and we do not accept non-roleplayer's and extremely poor roleplayer's.

    Have you ever been imagining playing on a strict Roleplay server, where you wouldn't find any bad Roleplayers, but good staff, quality Roleplay and a lot of fun? Well, I'd say Gaming-Plus Roleplay server is for you. We have been looking throughout a lot of Roleplay servers, and I found myself in only few of them, but it still didn't make me happy. That's why we're here, in order to provide you; players, something you could enjoy.
    So come, drop us a visit, enjoy the fun and the quality Roleplay provided. The script is original and worked on regularly, so you will never get bored!
    Also, make sure; this is an International server, so don't forget to speak on English.

    UCP Features
    - Totally unique UCP made from scratch, by the past owner (Ivanorezac).
    - You can login to the UCP with your IG username and password.
    - You need to register your account IG, then fill a Roleplay test on the UCP. Visit forums for more information.
    - You can get live signatures of your stats.
    - You can change your skin through the UCP.
    - You can spend donation coins for IG stuff (namechanges and more). Donation's will be updated soon.
    - Registrators can accept or deny your Roleplay test.
    - Administrators can post news on the UCP.

    The forums contain, except for the usual server informations and announcements, faction forums, modding guides and many, great mods found by our players.

    Secondly, if you want to find friends from your country that you want to play with, our other language section will help you out with that!

    Server Features

    Fully MYSQL based
    Server is fully MySQL based and professionally scripted.
    We aren't using any files, except for the backup file in case MySQL goes down.

    Business system
    As most of you experienced roleplayers know, there's a lot of Roleplay and earnings going on through the IC businesses's, that's why we've implemented them for you.

    -Buy business and set their entrance fee.
    -Get money from people who enter it.
    -Sell products.
    -Set extortion.
    -Organise parties.

    Business robbery system
    Gaming Plus Roleplay has been working on, to provide you with high quality features, and this is one of them. Each business can be robbed, in an interval. Robberies must be Roleplayed as always, and there has to be law enforcment agent's/cops online, in order to do that.
    After the shopkeeper hands you the cash, you need to go into either SF/LV, in order to launder the money and try to find a safe place.

    House system
    We have aswell implemented a house system, where you can do the basic stuff with it.
    - Buy.
    - Rent.
    - Sell.
    - Store items.
    - Modify your house.
    - Hang out with people.
    - Rest and eat.
    House pimping
    -There are a lot of objects you can add in your house at your position.
    -They will appear only in your house.
    -They will save after the restart, so no need to worry about that.

    Vehicle system
    - Over 200 vehicle models for sale - bikes, cars, trucks, choppers, boats. (unlimited number of vehicles on the server)
    - Players can own up to 3 vehicles.
    - Sell your vehicle back to the dealership or to other player.
    - You can lock and unlock your vehicles.
    - You can paint them and it will save.
    - You can buy insurance for them!
    - You can buy alarm for your vehicle!
    - You can mod them, and mods will save!
    - You can also hotwire other cars.
    - Your vehicle can get impounded if you don't park it well (manually by Police Officer's).
    - Also, always lock your car, as the car jacker might steal it and impound it (more information under Jobs section.
    - Store items in your vehicle.
    - And much much more!

    Payday system
    We've implemented a payday system, aswell. It's so that player's don't need to focus on the scripted jobs all the time, so that they can actually Roleplay more and still have fun.
    - At the end of every hour you will get one respect point (more information under Level system).
    - You will also get around $5,000 every payday (it's made because of players; so they don't need to hassle that much with scripted jobs - also to check the economy statistics, if they're bad, it'll be lowered).

    Level system
    - In order to upgrade to a level, you'll need X ammount of respect points for each level.
    - As you level up, we expect from you to become a better roleplayer; it's basically made for admins (to see who should be and who shouldn't be a more experienced player, and to see their activity).
    - On the first level you need 8 respect points to get to the next one. On the second one you will need 12 to get to the next one, after that, on third, you will need 16 and so on, it's similar to the Godfather system.

    Fuel system
    Our fuel system isn't the same as other server's. Reasons will be stated below.
    - The vehicle will still lose fuel, even if you're not in the vehicle, and the engine is turned on.
    - In order to not refill your car every moment, one liter goes down each three minutes.
    - It's possible to buy gas cans in any 24/7 and you can fill it with 20l.
    - You can fill your vehicle with maximum ammount of 100l; only at gas stations.
    - Fuel is actually quite expensive so that it is annoying like in real life.
    - You can scam stations for fuel - but beware, it will be recorded!
    - If you are a member of an illegal, official faction, you can import illegal fuel for lower prices.

    Trunk system
    We have also implemented a trunk system, where you can store items, take them, and they will save.
    Altough, there's a catch here; if the trunk is left open, any other player can steal it's items. So beware and always close your trunk.

    Faction system
    Currently, there are five legal factions, and those are the LSPD, SAN News, LSES, Taxi Company and the Government itself. Each one is scripted uniquely, and it's here to provide quality Roleplay.

    Why is the Taxi Company a faction? It's simple. People won't abuse taking the taxi job for free vehicles and it adds more fun and realism to the taxi workers.

    Crime Faction system
    We have aswell been thinking about Criminal Roleplayers, and that's why we've implemented dynamic crime faction system. There are many available slots for criminal factions.
    In order to receive one, the faction needs to follow the rules, and has to contain good Roleplayers, and provide good Roleplay aswell.
    Faction leaders can update their own faction, by either implementing weapon, armor, food and drug upgrades, but also changing rank names, rank skins, and a lot more functions.

    An official faction needs to create a forum thread and provide a member list to the admins in order for us to see it is active.

    It is difficult to become official but it has a lot of profit.

    -Cheaper weapons via weapon smuggling.
    -Cheaper fuel via smuggling.
    -Easily accessible kevlar from the faction stash.
    -A faction headquarter, where you can meet, rest, eat, defend and much more.

    Faction upgrades
    As it has been mentioned before, it is possible to have faction upgrades (only the leader can upgrade it).
    You can upgrade your faction by implementing a drug, weapon and food storage. Each of the upgrades costs money, so choose wisely.
    Also, when receiving the items, they cost aswell.

    Dropping and picking items
    That's right. We've thought of this too. You can drop things, be it either cash, weapon, drug, or almost anything else. And it will be pickable by other players.
    Also, don't forget when you die, your weapon will be dropped and it'll become pickable by someone else, to provide a more efficient way of Roleplaying.

    Bank system
    Basically, as every server, we've implemented a bank system. You can either withdraw from a bank, or the ATM's across the town. The more money you've got in your account, the more income you get at paychecks. So it's worth to save!

    Vault system
    Altough, as you may not know, we've implemented a bank vault system. You can buy one and store items into the vault (money, drugs, weapons, materials, etc.).

    Drunk and drug effects
    We've thought of something more. We all know how you act strange when you're either drunk or on drugs. That's why we've added some cool effects for you, to enjoy and get a better feeling. Soon we are also planning on making drugs usefull in some way, so that illegal factions will want to sell it more as more people will want to buy it.

    Car rent system
    We've implemented a dynamic car rent system, with possibilty to give car rented keys. The cars are spread around the whole town, and the renting fee is quite cheap, so enjoy.

    Mask system
    Masks are buyable in a 24/7 and they're saveable (even if you're not a donator). We think about our players, and we want to provide a lot of functions to you.

    Walkie Talkie system
    It is possible to buy a walkie talkie, and to use it to transmit messages between each character (even multiple characters). It's organised by it's channels, so watch out that someone doesn't drop inside your channel! Remember also that walkie talkies dont have milion miles of range, so do not abuse.

    MP3 system
    We've implemented MP3 system, so you can listen to music either on foot or in a car, and enjoy yourself. (( Under construction ))

    Cellphone system
    You can buy cellphones and numbers. Text, call people, it's up to you. Also, it's possible to do hidden calls.

    Rope system
    We've added a rope system aswell. You can tie someone, then fold his eyes, get him somewhere, rob, do what you want. It's up to you!

    License system
    It is possible to get driving, fishing, flying and boat license from the DMV. Make sure to pass them, if you don't want any problems with the law enforcment.
    You can aswell apply for a weapon license, at the Department of Firearm Licensing, in LSPD.

    Seatbelt system
    We've implemented a simple seatbelt system. You can fasten your seatbelt, take it off and check if someone is wearing a seatbelt.

    This were just some of the features we're offering, we have a lot more, make sure to visit us! We're waiting for you and your friends! Let's make some Roleplay!

    This server guarantees top level fun, with functions under development that no, even currently best samp servers, never had. We all played on these famous RP servers and some less famous too, and if you also did, and got tired of them, this is the place where you can start and build up your reputation from the beggining of the server, and be the one who creates great RP and atmosphere.

    Thank you:)!

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