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    [SAMP] Night Bridge Roleplay [ nb-rp.net ]



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    [SAMP] Night Bridge Roleplay [ nb-rp.net ]

    Post  Tazz on Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:40 pm

    Name Of The Server: Night Bridge Roleplay
    Owners: Tazz Chicano (Tazz) and Scox Chicano (Scox)
    Forum : nb-rp.net

    Night Bridge Roleplay is based on recreating roleplay and fun atmosphere such as older servers had.
    The players are the first priority and fun it all the really matters in this game but unfortunately some have forgot that.
    Currently set in Los Santos but we very much wish to expand into Red County, then San Fierro and Las Venturas if the player base ever becomes large enough to do this.
    Staff team is really expirenced, They are not corrupt and they will give you the best assistance you can have.
    Helper team is expirenced within the script aswell, They are nowhere near being corrupt and we are searching for new helpers.

    Key Features

    A MySQL Saving System
    Leveling system with paycheck system that is designed to prevent paycheck farming.
    A helper team to assistant you over newbie chat or even through /requesthelp
    Currently 16 jobs available and we're planning to add even more (Detective, Lawyer, Sweeper, Drug Dealer, Car Jacker, Car Mechanic, Bodyguard, Arms Dealer, Boxer, Drug Smuggler, Taxi Driver, Pizza Boy, Trucker, Bartender, Craftsman, Fisher).
    There are currently 6 factions: LSPD, FBI, LSFMD, Hitman Agency, San News & Government.
    14 families composed out of gang oriented and mafia-oriented families, all with different themes.
    A crew system for families (/crewhelp)
    Points system for gangs to fight over several territories.
    Player owned vehicle system with vehicle dealerships throughout the city.
    Advanced /setradio system to stream online radio stations from Shoutcast.
    Several custom clubs throughout the city that play music from online radio stations.
    All the 0.3x features.
    And alot of more new systems have been added!

    Join us today and enjoy!


    Server Address: [ ]

    Our Website:[ nb-rp.net ]

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