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    Gang-wars TDM v2.1



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    Gang-wars TDM v2.1

    Post  Kick_Ass on Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:14 am

    <<••••••••••••{G-A-N-G-W-A-R-S}••••••••••••>> 0.3z | Best TDM server. The server is new. We are hiring admins, need players and giving free VIP packages.
    Choose one of the best gangs, and start a Gang-War.

    Server Forums: ~removed(can't post links, come server for more info)~Support us by registering on our website.

    1. Six gangs
    Angels Of Death [Bikers]

    2. Quick Quiz [With TextDraws]
    Answer simple maths
    quiz every 5 minutes
    to get cool rewards.

    3. Weapon Drop [With Textdraws]
    Get the weapon pickups to
    get the weapons of the died player.

    4. Capturable Zones
    More than 6 capture zones to capture zones
    for your team. For capturing tham just get a partner
    and stay alive in the zone for 80 seconds.

    5. So many helpful commands

    6. Cool Talent Skills

    7. Secured Gang Bases
    Automatic doors that opens for gang
    members only.

    8. Hiring Admins
    We are hiring admins, if
    you think you are ready
    apply at our forums.

    9. Free Vip packages
    We are giving free VIP packages
    to one player each week.

    10. So many more features
    There are so many more features
    join now to see.


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