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    Los Santos Syndical Roleplay [] Join Today! :)



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    Los Santos Syndical Roleplay [] Join Today! :)

    Post  HarryC on Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:53 am

    Syndical Roleplay []

    Forums : http://syndicalrp.com
    Facebook : http://facebook.com/syndicalrp


    LSPD = Taken
    FBI = Taken
    Government = Taken
    SAN News = Needs Leader
    Hitman = Will be opening when playerbase gets bigger!
    LSFD = Taken
    SASD = Taken
    DoC = Taken

    Don't worry, more factions will need leader in future!


    Currently we got 3 families and of course we'll get more in future, to create a family you just apply on our forum and if it gets accepted, you type /createfamily in-game!
    Simple as it is!

    Why you should join us!!

    Because we got a unique script that is fun to play. You can /robbiz to rob a store, take turfs, claim points etc if you are in a family. AND MUCH MORE!

    We also got nice admins that are active and will help you when you need it!

    If you wants to be an admin, you can apply on our forums but first apply as a helper.

    We got 15 + players daily and wants more to enjoy this fun!

    If you join today you'll get a nice refund. Very Happy See you in-game <3

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