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    [ENG][0.3z] AdvGames Roleplay Community - REFUNDING!



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    [ENG][0.3z] AdvGames Roleplay Community - REFUNDING!

    Post  AdvGames on Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:16 am

    [0.3z]AdvGames Roleplay Community
    AdvGames Roleplay v1
    OWNERS: Roei and Blazer

    This server has advanced feautres!

    AdvGames RolePlay  opened a few days ago.
    We are currently looking for faction leaders and staff.

    The server is consisting of:
    - Faction system (illegal and legal).
    - Business system (Advanced).
    - Rob business system.
    - Turfs system (your faction can take turfs in Los Santos).
    - Events System.
    And more!

    We are refunding:

    500k - 250k in hand and 250k in bank
    1 car
    1 house

    Join us!
    AdvGames staff.

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