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    Aegis RP SA-MP


    Dwan Hawkins

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    Aegis RP SA-MP

    Post  Dwan Hawkins on Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:15 pm

    Hello we're looking for players, faction leaders, and civilians to join our Roleplaying server. Our server is based in the Future in the year of 2070, so there are unique features that goes along with our Server economy. The city of San Fierro was renamed in 2020 when it reopened, to the City of Aegis, which means the City of Protection. This fitting name was given to the city as it stands as a protected haven against the dangerous virus which still wreaks havoc in the areas of Los Santos, Las Venturas, and the surrounding smaller towns.  The virus has forced everyone to live in San Fierro where the RP is based.

    We are a small server hoping to get more players, and ask that if you do enjoy our server bring more of your friends so that we can grow and everyone can enjoy more experience. More information can be found on our forums, and Teamspeak 3 server the forums  address is aegis-rp dot org and the Teamspeak 3 server can be found at this address:

    Look forward to meeting new people! Thanks for reading my post

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